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Black hair just doesn’t grow

How many times have you heard that before?

It’s part of the damaging rhetoric which leaves us, as black women, in an ongoing battle with our hair – an all – consuming quest for “perfect hair”. A cycle that has become stressful, can be a financial drain and may even leave us with emotional damage.

One Story

Re-Thinking Black Hair One Story At A Time

For too long we’ve bowed to the narratives that black hair doesn’t grow.

For too long we’ve had to make do with hair that doesn’t satisfy.

For too long hair care has felt like an uphill struggle to a destination unknown.

Black Hair? Welcome Home.

It’s time to end the experimentation.

  • It’s time to stop wasting our hours, money and energy in a battle against our hair.
  • It’s time to halt: the worry about hair loss, the anxiety about hair integrity, the merry go round of wigs, braids, weaves and chemical processes.
  • It’s time for education, development and progression.

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